Every season, all at once

To highlight the changes of seasons, we created an exhibit that brought nature to life

How do you turn an indoor space into one that feels like the outdoors? How do you transform a room into an immersive experience?


Sac County Conservation recently capitalized on this opportunty when they renovated a wing of their facility in central Iowa.


Within this wing, Sac County had recently commissioned a new mural that lined the walls and depicted the changing seasons in the Hawkeye State. Our task: to build upon this mural by creating three dimensional diorama spaces that not only showed the region’s flora and fauna, but also made them come alive.


To recreate the different seasons in an indoor setting, we got to create fake snow that brought wintry vibes to the exhibit.


The exhibit’s water feature creates the sensation of depth, making for a more believable exhibit and more aesthetically pleasing experience.


Utilizing a combination of acrylic and epoxy, our crew was able to mimic the appearance and characteristics of water, allowing visitors to peer through the surface and view what lies beneath.




Throughout the project, the smallest details proved to make a big difference. In the spring area, shoots of young grass signal the arrival of warmer temperatures.  These distinctive, lifelike features were brought to life by using individually trimmed, small blades of grass that were applied to the surface by hand.


To ensure that we accurately emulated the appearance of regional soils, our team took a dirt sample from Sac County and used it as inspiration for the simulated soil we made.




Of course, the exhibit couldn't just look good. It also had to be fun. Wood panels that blended seamlessly into the natural scenery could be lifted up to reveal information with animal prints and other fun factoids.


The end result of our efforts: A space that not only showed visitors the evolving seasonal landscape of Sac County, but made them feel like they were there.