Feeling the love

How a multi-faceted campaign brought attention to a critical issue.

How do you inspire a community to take notice—and ultimately take action—on an issue that generally draws a yawn or a sigh?


The cities of Coralville, Iowa City, and North Liberty were facing that exact issue as they tried to promote stormwater-friendly practices in their collective communities.


Step one was to create an identity for the initiative. LOVE OUR WATER is a statement that spurs action while sending a message of unity and belonging.


Creating a new brand is one thing. Launching it is quite another. We helped spread the LOVE OUR WATER mantra by meeting people where they are, incorporating the concept into items used in everyday life. From water bottles to buttons, we wanted to put the campaign in front of people and pique their curiosity.


To bring the idea into the mainstream, we developed a variety of fun giveaway items. Presenting the item in fun and expected ways increased the likelihood that the concept would stick with people.



Portrait of smiling happy glad guy in casuals - isolated on white
Three round white coasters on wood background. 3d illustration

It's not all fun and games. Improving water quality requires knowledge and action, which meant education was key to an effective campaign. Banners, yard signs, pamphlets, and other informational items helped residents understand there are simple things they can do to improve the community's water quality.


white sign with clipping path on front lawn during sunny day.

The message was reinforced by tapping into the digital realm. Utilizing social media platforms, we introduced LOVE OUR WATER to a targeted audience based on their location and their interest in the outdoors.


For the cities of Coralville, Iowa City, and North Liberty, the out-of-the-box campaign paid dividends. In the year following the rebrand, program participation tripled the client's expectations.