365 Days In the Life

Career openings

Got talent? Get to us! Below is a list of current positions up for grabs. That said, we’re always interested in hearing how your talent can bring value to our clients. Get in touch if you think there could be a fit!

Growth mindset

When you’re not changing, you’re through. Exploration in new, weird areas is what grows this company—both in the types of projects we take on and the skills our employees pick up. Because if you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not trying hard enough. That’s why we align our employees’ passions with their development goals, development goals with company goals, and company goals with client needs. It’s the Circle of Life, and life is gooood!

Meat Days

In our minds, not a lot beats burning up some burgers and having a feast. We also have random potlucks throughout the year and even a Soup Day competition, complete with a custom trophy awarded to the soup de gimme-some-more.

Book Club

Calling all bookworms! This group meets periodically to choose a book, assign chapters, and discuss each person’s take on the subject matter. The only rule is books can’t be business related—it’s strictly for the art!

Community Involvement

Donating diapers, buying gifts during the holidays, working the booth at Reflections in the Park—even building cardboard boats! Our employees find all kinds of ways to give back.

Summer Outing

Late summer/early fall we’re always sure to let a little loose as a group. Picnics and baseball games have been par for the course lately, but we’re always open to ideas.

Holiday Party

What happens at the holiday party stays at the holiday party. Except for this photo. And that’s all we can say about that.

Corporate Events

We’re all about getting involved in the industry and encourage our employees to dive into professional development.

Those sweet, sweet bennies

Employee retention is definitely a focus and strength of ours, which we help ensure with a variety of benefits. From numerous health and insurance offerings to customized career planning, flexible scheduling, and year-round events, we understand the key to growing as a company is investing in our employees’ growth.


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