Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area

Iowans feed the world traveling exhibit

State pride takes the open road

Most people automatically think “farming” when it comes to Iowa—and that makes sense! But Iowans are also leaders in education, technology, communication, legislation, and transportation. To celebrate Iowans’ global influence, Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area decided to create a traveling exhibit. With content surrounding the importance of Iowans when it comes to feeding the world, we worked with Silos & Smokestacks to name, brand, and design this educational tribute to the people of our state.


Lightweight, easy-to-assemble structures lend themselves to travel, and arranging them in new formations for varying spaces is no trouble at all. Coupled with a microsite and social media component, the impact of the exhibit is much like that of Iowans—valuable and lasting.

It Takes an Iowan Render

This 360° view of the booth helped the client visualize how all the individual components would come together to make up the entire space. As a traveling exhibit, it also helps convince other organizations to rent it for their own purposes.

“McCullough Creative listened as we took the challenge to show everyone’s connection to agriculture and Iowans’ role in feeding a growing nation and world. They took our ideas and created a colorful exhibit with a strong message to connect visually with our audience. The color palette and icons made specifically for us have been carried into other projects.”


– Laura Elfers, Educational Engagement Director, Silos & Smokestacks

People at the It Takes an Iowan Exhibit

Debuting at the Iowa State Fair, the booth was designed to draw visitors in and create an immersive, educational, and prideful experience.

It Takes an Iowan Booth Display Interactive
It Takes a Iowan Booth "I Make a Difference" Dry Erase Interactive

1. Interactive touchscreens allowed deeper inquiry about the many ways Iowans play a part in the global economy.


2. The main goal of the exhibit was to educate visitors on all the ways Iowans help shape the world as well as inspire them to join the cause. To amplify the message, we included this social media component that encourages visitors to make a commitment and share it with their online followers.

It Takes an Iowan Microsite Mockup on Computer, Tablet and Phone

A mobile-friendly website was also created to act as a central hub of information about the exhibit as well as give visitors a place for continued engagement.

It Takes an Iowan Microsite Scroll Through GIF

The site also includes a feature that collects and shares all the social media posts generated by the exhibit, helping further build and create pride in the community of Iowans.

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