John Deere

2020 CES Booth

An ag company at the world’s largest tech show?


John Deere knew there’d be questions, and we were tapped to help craft the answers. The reality is, farming is a far more sophisticated practice than the general public realizes. The amount of technology put into seed alone is staggering, and the technology required to ensure those seeds meet their full potential is equally advanced.


Starting with the engineers who developed the technology integrated with Deere’s most advanced sprayer, our job was to wrap our heads around everything happening and simplify that into at-a-glance messaging that anyone could understand.

“McCullough was an excellent partner as we created the CES 2020 booth. From ideation to execution, McCullough was phenomenal. The team brought a strong creative voice to our planning process, intently listened to the messaging goals of Deere, and developed strong, impactful concepts. The group was always dependable and brought concepts and final products that exceeded our expectations.”


– Client contact, North American Public Relations Manager, John Deere Ag & Turf Division and Intelligent Solutions Group

People at the John Deere CES 2020 Booth

Packed with robots, AI, and everything tech, the X9 Sprayer lives up to the theme we helped develop for the booth.

John Deere CES 2020 Intelligence Wall
John Deere CES 2020 Booth Video Displays

1. The amount of data generated and utilized on modern farms was another little-known topic requiring discussion.


2. Illustrating the staggering sustainability gains achieved by the sprayer, we created looping animated videos to illustrate different types of crops. Played on large vertical screens, the videos helped draw people into the booth and served as conversation starters.

John Deere CES 2020 Booth, Life sized tractor display

Further helping visitors empathize with and understand the life of a modern farmer, we included a tractor cab and large-scale wall graphic. The combination was both insightful and photo-worthy.


At a show saturated with superfluous technology (ping-pong-playing robots, motorized coolers, and voice-activated faucets, to name a few), it was refreshing for Deere to showcase a product that is already out in the fields, changing the world.

John Deere CES 2020 Booth Awards

Our hard work was well received, as the booth was honored with accolades from three separate organizations, including making CES’s top 20 list of over 4,400 booths.

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