Washington County Conservation

Nature Center Exhibit

The great outdoors indoors

As an active campsite and nature preserve, most of Washington County Conservation’s visitors stay plenty busy on the sprawling grounds. But when the weather turns and the kids are still full of energy, it’s nice having a place for them to be both entertained and educated for awhile.

Washington County Conservation Tree House

The two-story replica tree lets kids read or lounge on either level, while built-in interactive components educate them on the type of wildlife that call a real tree home.

“On behalf of the Washington County Conservation Board (WCCB), I’d like to express our gratitude to you and your team at McCullough Creative Inc. Words can’t express how impressed my staff and I were with the creativity and ability of your team to bring our ideas to life. Our ultimate goal at conservation is to educate as many people as possible about our environment with the hopes of ushering in a new generation of environmentally conscious individuals. The education displays your team designed and created exemplify that goal. Each display visually catches the attention of its audience with its creativity and attention to detail. Then with that attention each display has a level of hands-on interaction, which further engages the audience and solidifies the educational portion of each display.


“I highly recommend McCullough Creative Inc., as I personally have already recommended them to other agencies. Their entire team from the brainstorming phase, to design, to the install, and even to the billing process, was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”


– Zach Rozmus, Executive Director, Washington County Conservation Board

Washington County Conservation Interactive Predator Challenge Game

The two-person Predator Challenge game lets kids be either a hawk or a field mouse. Starting with their game piece on the left, each person spins the dial to see how many spaces and in which direction they can move. If the mouse makes it to its home on the right before being cornered by the hawk, that person wins.

Washington County Conservation Oversized Ant Head

While easy to ignore in person, a human-sized ant mask with moving mandibles is unforgettable.

Washington County Conservation Magnetic Interactive Ant Game

This magnetic board game lets kids imagine life in an ant colony and allows them to interact with different items found within, such as food and eggs.

Washington County Conservation Interactive Fish Board

Helping explain evolution and adaptation, this game educates children on why fish have different shapes. It also encourages them to use their imaginations and create their own hybrid fish, built for whatever task they choose!

Washington County Conservation Eagles Nest Display

Adding more hands-on dexterity fun, these handcrafted pieces help illustrate the care required to build an eagle’s nest.

Washington County Conservation Interactive Battleship Game Side-1
Washington County Conservation Interactive Battleship Game Side-2

Educating on invasive species, this two-player seek-and-destroy game puts a naturalist twist on an old-school favorite.

Square footage: 1,400

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