Dupont Pioneer

Johnston Innovation Center

Elevating the visitor experience

Telling the story of one of the world’s largest multinational companies is no small task, and making it engaging to audiences ranging from high school students to foreign dignitaries makes the challenge all the more enticing. Excited by the challenge, our ideas for the company’s visitor center were passed up the ladder and eventually evolved into an Innovation Center, one of only 12 in the world for the company at the time. Considering the audiences, intended uses of the space, and messaging to be conveyed, we designed, fabricated, programmed, and installed nearly every element you see below, including static graphic panels, interactive touchscreen kiosks, product displays, and a 5-foot by 13-foot presentation screen.

“Coming up with big ideas is one thing—on top of that, McCullough knows practical ways to make them happen. I always feel like I’m getting the most value for my budget.”


– Kevin Sabus, Capital Execution Leader, DuPont Pioneer

Johnston Innovation Center Touch Interactive Display

This 12-foot video wall plays a series of looping animated videos we created while also serving as an impactful presentation tool, complete with numerous forms of connectivity.

Johnston Innovation Center Tabletop Touchscreen Interactive

To help explain the full range of companies under the DuPont umbrella as well as their unique interconnections, we created this interactive touchscreen experience to have an attractive and intuitive user interface (UI). Visitors are able to understand the organization from a high level as well as take deeper dives into the wide range of products and services offered by each individual company.

Johnston County Innovation Center Touch Screen Interactives

Highlighting DuPont Pioneer’s global impact, this video wall offers numerous customer videos, detailing the lives of people across the globe. Individual sound domes above each monitor enable videos to play simultaneously without disrupting other visitors.

Completed Johnston County Innovation Center Space

With the southern wall of the space being entirely glass, a key challenge was controlling the light. Rather than fight it, we made it an asset by printing on glass, which created a stained-glass effect and helped add warmth and depth to the room.

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