Renaissance Man

Whether he’s putting in time at the family dairy farm or visiting Sin City, Jordon Deutmeyer’s life is rarely mundane.

This marks the first in a series of blog posts highlighting new hires and recent promotions at McCullough Creative.




Whether he’s putting in time at the family dairy farm or visiting Sin City, Jordon Deutmeyer’s life is rarely mundane. His winding path and unique talents ultimately led him to McCullough Creative, where he started in December. Creative Copywriter Jeff Montgomery sat down with Jordon to learn about his background and what he brings to the table at his new position.

Jordon Deutmeyer feeding calves with his brother

Jordon, as a young child, feeding calves with his brother.

JEFF: First of all, Jordon, can you tell us what you do here at McCullough Creative?


Jordon: I am a designer. I work on graphics and help the team try to achieve clients’ goals. I help how I can and use my creative vision whenever possible.


Please give us a little background on yourself and the path that led you to McCullough Creative.


I grew up on a small dairy farm near Dyersville and went to Beckman [Catholic High School]. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, where I got my degree – a bachelor’s in graphic design and a minor in psych. I worked for a newsletter company after graduation and then for Boyd Gaming [in Dubuque] for almost five years. I did promotion work for Boyd’s casinos in Las Vegas, letting people know about the dining, the entertainment, all of the things to do there.


Have you been to Vegas? What were your thoughts?


I’ve been there three times. Last time I went there, it was 115 degrees – tied for the highest temperature on record there. Like the whole city was baking you. I remember the first thing you see when you get off the airplane was this billboard for plastic surgery. They call it Sin City. It really wasn’t for me. I prefer calm and quiet and trying to get rid of vices instead of indulging them. It is way different than the farm for sure.

Jordon Duetmeyer

Jordon imitating the decor while on vacation.


Tell me about the family farm. You grew up there. Do you still work there?


I do. Usually once a week on Saturday nights. The first thing you do is remove the cows from the big barn and you have to scrape the stalls … (pauses) … that means clean out the poop. And then you have to milk them. You’re basically doing the same repetitive motion for two hours. My dad is like a ninja at it. I don’t really mind it. That is when I get a lot of my good ideas – whether they’re about work, life, anything in general.


Aside from the cow milking, any hobbies of note?


I just bought an Xbox, which is a terrible idea. I was on a Dungeons & Dragons kick for a couple months. I guess that’s the benefit of no attention span, constantly going from one thing to another …  I also do a lot of gardening. Which reminds me, I need to get my onion seeds in.

Jordon Deutmeyer unwids at Oktoberfest

Jordon unwinds at Oktoberfest.


You’ve been at McCullough Creative for about a month. What are your early impressions?


The team here is so smart and intelligent, and so good at what they do. I am so happy they have taken me on and are willing to teach me what they know. It’s a great organization, and it’s amazing to see where it has come from and where it is now.

Jordon Deutmeyer relaxing outside.

Jordon relaxes outside


I’m sure you learned a lot. Anything that stands out?


I’ve learned more about brainstorming, just being able to get together with a group and put together your ideas. And you see how those ideas manifest … . You go from a couple people brainstorming ideas in a meeting to these full-on exhibits that are the final product.


If I recall correctly, you said you get your best ideas while milking cows. Perhaps a staff field trip to the dairy farm is in order? Or bringing some brainstorming cows into the office?


One cow per person.