European Reveal

John Deere and McCullough Creative head overseas to present excellence and innovation.

After Deere purchased Wirtgen Group, a well-established road-building equipment manufacturer based in Germany, both were eager to showcase the impressive suite of machines, technology, and support they could offer their new breadth of customers. To do this, they looked no further than bauma, the largest trade fair in the construction industry and the biggest trade show in the world.


Looking to bring big news and show off their innovative chops for the first time on a European stage, John Deere made sure to feature their technology partnership with drone-producer Kespry. To illustrate how much time and human power can be saved by using drones, we created an interactive component where a hanging drone “scanned” piles of aggregate to gain precise volume measurements.



Deere’s primary competitive advantage is their level of dealer support for their customers, and that’s in large part thanks to technology solutions like John Deere WorkSight™ and John Deere Connected Support™. Through a series of animated videos, we detailed the individual components of each program and how they work together to help customers minimize downtime and maximize productivity.



The final offering we helped promote was John Deere’s SmartGrade™ technology, wherein machines can be programmed to operate semi-autonomously to achieve precise grading requirements. This means that the years of experience typically needed to produce high-quality grading can be bypassed in favor of SmartGrade, making even a novice operator grade like a pro.



The environmental design included wall graphics, flooring, lighting, and visitor flow. Creative included art direction, UX design, and video animation in two languages.