See how Aaron’s automotive passion revs up his creativity

Nearly every person at McCullough Creative is an artist of some type. Our creativity takes countless forms: designing, drawing, writing, building, woodworking, sculpting, and on and on …


With this in mind, we are creating a series of videos that highlight what drives our talent — and how our professional lives are supporting our personal, artistic journeys.


In this video you’ll be introduced to Aaron Butcher, whose interest in restoring classic cars underscores a constant desire to hone his existing skills and learn new ones.

Our employees don’t set aside their artistic pursuits when they come into work. It’s precisely the opposite. This is a place where they gain inspiration, hone their craft, learn new things, and build momentum.


It’s a two-way street, where mileage accrued advances artistic pursuits in all directions. Skills and expertise gained at work help feed personal creativity, and vice versa.


It’s energizing. It’s exciting. Most importantly, it’s fun.


This is the place where purpose meets play.


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And be sure to keep an eye out for future videos in this series.