Influencer Kits 101

As influencer marketing goes mainstream, McCullough Creative has found a way to stand out

In the ever-changing landscape of the advertising world, influencer marketing has recently emerged as a popular and effective tool.


The tactic revolves around putting products into the hands of influential people, who possess the popularity or expertise to share your brand with a wider audience. But with more companies embracing the phenomenon, making a splash isn't easy.


To stand out, both the product and experience need to be extraordinary.

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To create top-notch kits, keep these essential themes at the forefront...




  • BRING THE BRAND TO LIFE: An influencer kit isn't just about the enclosed items. It's also about the message it sends. Consider your overarching branding goals and how the content relates to them.


  • CREATE A WELL-ROUNDED PACKAGE: Different people enjoy different things. It's wise to offer variety, mixing things like branded materials, hands-on activities, and digital experiences to engage recipients on multiple levels.


  • FOCUS ON THE 'WOW': Create something that surprises people. At the end of the day, this will be the catalyst that sparks a conversation.


  • MAKE IT FUN: Don't overthink things: It has to be enjoyable. When your influencer kit is fun, your brand will leave a positive impression and recipients will be more likely to share their experience.


So how can you take these lessons and put them into action? To provide a clearer picture, we'll highlight a trio of McCullough influencer kits and explain how we brought them to life.



John Deere Classic


Mired in ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, organizers of the John Deere Classic knew golf fans wouldn't be able to experience the tournament the same way. Our solution: bring the tournament experience to them.




These custom-built influencer kits told the story of the beloved golf tourney and allowed people to get in on the action.


When the recipient first opened the box, they saw a putting green with a hole and a cup. The package also included a travel putter. Combined with the green and the cup, it brought the joy of golfing straight to their home office.


The kit also featured a branded hat and golf balls. On top of that the, golf cup doubled as a travel coffee mug.



The one-of-a-kind package immediately paid dividends, drawing widespread praise and prompting recipients to share the experience on social media.



Andy Clean


Some people possess an innate ability to attract eyes, even if they're creating content with a narrow focus.


Such was the case with Andy Pasztor, known simply as Andy Clean to his followers, a Canadian farmer whose online videos showcased his lighthearted personality and deep commitment to having a thoroughly cleaned, spotless tractor. His passion attracted a sizable following of fellow farmers who also saw the value of a well-maintained operation.



When John Deere learned Pasztor was visiting the U.S. for a farm progress show, they jumped at the opportunity to forge a connection — and enlisted the services of McCullough Creative to make it happen.


We dreamed up an influencer package perfectly on-brand with Pasztor, with a wide variety of cleaning items packaged within a five-gallon wash bucket, complete with a lid featuring fake soap bubbles.

Andy Clean Kit

The kit was highlighted by a customized action figure portraying AndyClean himself. It bore a striking resemblance to the man who inspired it, right down to his trademark black hat, t-shirt, and sunglasses.


We also found a way to bring Pasztor's loved ones into the occasion, making a kit for every member of his family. The novelty of the action figure — and its attention to detail — left an impression with Pasztor, who posted about the influencer kit on social media, shining a spotlight on John Deere in the process.







As it prepared for the virtually-held 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, John Deere understood that it needed to make an impact. Aiming to reposition itself as more of a tech company than a legacy agricultural brand, it was crucial Deere’s presence at the virtual CES be an meaningful one.


That's where we stepped in, creating an engaging package that clearly demonstrated how the company's technology helps ensure a more sustainable world.





Enticing design created intrigue for the contents, while a combination of hands-on and virtual experiences gave recipients a variety of ways to engage.


Actual seeds and a planting kit gave them an activity to pass the time before the show. And a VR headset preloaded with a hype video and additional content sealed the deal in creating excitement and delivering an on-brand experience.

John Deere CES Media Kit
John Deere CES Media Kit Contents
John Deere CES Media Kit Contents

To say that the CES kit went over well would be a massive understatement. The kit earned a Gold Addy award at the American Advertising Federation Awards Gala in Nashville, Tennessee. The Gold Addy is considered one of the most difficult creative awards to receive and attracts nearly 30,000 entries every year.


Take a deeper dive into the CES kit.