CES 2021

Unboxing the power of ag technology

Landing an EXHIBITOR Top 10 Best of CES Award was never on our radar, but neither are half the type of projects we get thrown our way.


When 2020 happened and the whole world had to pivot—especially the trade show industry—we were happy to roll up our sleeves and help our client do the same.


With repositioning its brand as more of a tech company than a legacy agricultural brand, it was crucial Deere’s presence at the virtual CES be an impactful one. The experience for attendees had to clearly demonstrate how the company's technology helps ensure a more sustainable world. And we went to work to ensure just that.

John Deere CES Media Kit

The first step was getting people to visit their booth, which is even more difficult in a virtual setting than in-person. To create excitement and anticipation, we helped develop this pre-show media kit encouraging prominent journalists to partake. Enticing design created intrigue for the contents. Branded messaging spoke to both literal aspects and brand values.

John Deere CES Media Kit Contents
John Deere CES Media Kit Contents

Actual seeds and a planting kit gave recipients an activity to pass the time before the show, which later doubled as an educational component at the core of the client's message. A model planter represented the technology that would soon be spotlighted and was also used during one-on-one educational sessions. And a VR headset preloaded with a hype video and additional content sealed the deal in creating excitement and delivering an on-brand experience.

John Deere CES Media Kit Contents
John Deere CES Media Kit Contents
John Deere CES Media Kit Contents

Prior to the event, the above video could be viewed in the headset. On the day of the actual event, the additional content was unlocked as attendees were welcomed to the fully virtual experience. To help share that with people who did not have VR headsets, we created a microsite to replicate the content.


John Deere CES 2021 Microsite mockupo on laptop.

Complete with the 360 experience, a game to test your precision, fact sheets, information on the experts, and additional resources, the site served as the central hub for experiential support materials.


"This is the best thing to come out of coronavirus. I never realized that John Deere is a technologically advanced company, I'm amazed. Thank you for opening my eyes."
– Michael Garfield, iHeartMedia


John Deere CES VR
John Deere CES Game


"This is the coolest demo...this is fantastic! I regret not making time to stop by the booth last year!"
– Jaime Rivera, PocketNow


"Deere is ahead of the curve—definitely nothing else like this at CES this year."
– Matt Burns, TechCrunch



It was quickly evident that the people who received the CES kit thoroughly enjoyed it. Over time, we learned that the judges loved it too!


Best Booth Experience for CES 2021 by GEEKSPIN.

Top 10 Best of CES Award by Exhibitor Magazine.

Best of Innovation Award Honoree by the Consumer Tech Association.

Best of CES Award by Gear Diary.

Best of Show, AAF Dubuque

Best of Show, AAF District 9

Gold Addy, AAF National