Growing Strong

How we put boots on the ground to tell the story of a truly unique seed company

It’s not easy to be two things at once. But that’s precisely what Axis Seed does—and exactly what makes them unique.


The forward-thinking seed company has a national reach that results in real advantages for customers, delivering a wide range of seed varieties and the very latest in technology. But Axis Seed also specializes in the hyperlocal—empowering independent, family-owned seed companies to provide solutions that meet each customer’s specific needs.


It’s a rare combination. And it’s what we aimed to capture in a series of recent shoots in the heartland of America.


To truly communicate its message, every company needs to make sure it has the right assets to accomplish that.



Axis Seed was eager to update and expand its inventory of photos and videos, collecting footage and images that would help convey customer value and recruit new Independent Regional Companies (IRC) to join the Axis team.


McCullough Creative was excited to help spread the word about Axis Seed—and to do so, we had to get right in the thick of it. We sent photo and video crews out to two markets where Axis Seed does its thing—Marion, Ohio, and McCook, Nebraska. The two communities presented a striking contrast in conditions—the former with abundant rain and opportunity, the latter with drought conditions and myriad challenges.


Highlighting the disparity between these regions conveyed how Axis can identify and prescribe effective solutions regardless of the circumstances thrown its way. At the end of the day, the mission is to help every customer find the right seed for their soil.


Of course, the essence of Axis Seed doesn’t just lie in the corn or the soybeans. It is all about people—and capturing the human element was essential to this project.


This meant speaking to folks who had boots on the ground, from the Axis Seed IRC owners, to their employees, to the farmers they serve. These conversations yielded unique insight into what makes Axis Seed unique: trust, honesty, integrity, and a deeply rooted expertise about local markets.

But these aren’t the only people touched by the work of Axis Seed. One of the biggest benefits of being an IRC owner is the ripple effect it has on one’s family and personal life: the financial well-being that comes with an enriching career and the quality family time one can enjoy when they step away from their work.


With that in mind, we made sure to capture some of the playful and lighthearted moments that define everyday life for IRC owners.



When a company can pull off two things at once, it’s something you want to amplify. And we relished the opportunity to help Axis do just that.