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Evolving the modern workplace


Catering to high-end architects and financial institutions, ALUR manufactures single-pane glass walls that boast the simplest, lightest-weight design available on the market. Upon the launch of its dual-pane system, the company tapped us for consultation and execution of its new brand, Duo. With elegance and simplicity at the core of the product’s construction, we crafted copy and design elements to embody these values.

DUO Logo Animation

Taking inspiration from the established ALUR brand, we incorporated existing design elements into the customized Duo wordmark and mirrored the product’s understated nature with a minimalistic approach.

Product Brochure
Part aesthetics, part performance—the tone developed for the product helped position it similarly to luxury automobiles and high-end fashion brands. Including a variety of high-end print techniques, such as soft-touch and spot-UV gloss, created a unique tactile experience, appealing to discerning clientele.

Product Brochure
While establishing the Duo brand, it was determined the parent product should have an equally appealing presentation. With new photography, we created a layout to match and fine-tuned copy to reflect the premier status of the ALUR offerings.

ALUR Walls Social Media Scrolling iPhone Mockup

Social Media
Using an abundance of stunning photography, curating a consistent social media presence offered a simple means of expanding ALUR’s audience.

ALUR Walls Monthly eNewsletters on Laptop, iPad and iPhone Mockup

Email Marketing
To aid ALUR’s expansive dealer network, we combined email lists and coordinated monthly emails that cover topics ranging from new product offerings to industry events.

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