Racking up Engagement

Getting the word out and sales up


Talk about a company with an exceptional product and diehard fans! Wanting to take its growth and promotion beyond word of mouth, 1Up USA tapped us for a variety of promotional projects, ranging from its marketing plan to videos and sub-brands.

1UP USA Website on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Mockup

A modernized online-buying platform was top of the list for displaying the company’s products and making purchases a simple experience.

1UP USA Product Catalog Leave Behind Interior and Exterior

Product Collateral
A product tip-in piece was created for placement with each purchase, helping educate buyers on the additional products available to enhance their bike racks.

1UP USA Ragbri Route Map

Digital Campaign
A geotargeted campaign was served to cyclists in all of the overnight stops during RAGBRAI® 2019. Overall, the campaign had a .25% CTR, far surpassing the average of .08% for display ads.

1UP USA Digital Banner Ads

Sub-Brand Campaign
Most commonly known for bike racks, 1Up had us brand its peripheral product line of Hyroad trainers, featuring Magnitude, Magnitude2, and eSmart. Creating consistency, a series of branded messaging is implemented across ads, direct mail, video bumper ads, and radio assets for various times of the season and during the subsequent sales cycle.

1UP Email Marketing Mockup

Email Campaign
Pushing the envelope even further, we initiated a monthly email campaign to drive traffic to the website and encourage sales. Website traffic increased by 50%, on average, compared to the same months of the previous year.

Product Video
This short video helps show just how easy the product is to use while speaking the outdoor enthusiast’s language.

Bumper Videos
Targeting cycling enthusiasts as they surf bike-related videos on YouTube, these six-second bumper videos we created were a great way to get eyes on the 1Up brand without being annoying. The first video featured the hashtag “#1UpAdventure” and helped create a massive response on social media with brand fans sharing their own photos (more below). The second video was created during the initial months of mandatory social isolation and encouraged viewers to make the most of their solitude. Coupled with email, it led to months of increased sales.

1UP Social Media Posts Mockup

User-Generated Content
After using the hashtag “#1UpAdventure” in bumper videos and social posts, brand fans followed suit with an explosion of user-generated content. These posts are shared on the brand website, helping create community and act as social proof of a solid product.

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