Gratitude blooms

How a creative donor display sprung to life

When community projects truly make an impact, it is imperative to recognize those who made it possible.


Such was the case for the recent opening of the Platteville Inclusive Playground, a new offering in southwest Wisconsin that creates play opportunities for people with a variety of needs and interests.


Inspiring Community, the nonprofit that coordinated the project, understood the importance of tipping its cap to the donors who made it a reality. And with that in mind, the group commissioned a project to recognize them.



Creating an impactful donor-recognition display is easier said than done, however.


Without the proper thought and execution, such displays can become white noise—or worse, detract from the atmosphere of the main attraction. To truly capture attention—and give donors the attention they deserve—we had to think outside the box.


To get a feel for the project itself, our team started by speaking with the stakeholders. Inspiring Community asked for a display that was bright, colorful, and fun. The group also wanted something that naturally coordinated with the playground itself.

With those goals in mind, we reviewed plans for the playground, getting a feel for its general aesthetic and color palette.


After these steps, a plan emerged.



PIP sketch

The McCullough team analyzed an existing logo for the Platteville Inclusive Playground and saw the opportunity to adapt it, transforming the three letters to make them resemble a flower stem. The structure served as the centerpiece of the display.


To build upon that visual concept, and provide additional donor-recognition opportunities, we designed a series of flowers, featuring a bright variety of colors that aligned with the visual aesthetic of the playground as a whole.

PIP install

All elements were made with durable materials that could withstand the elements of Midwest weather, as well as the nature of playful children. Our crew also installed the display, seeing the project across the finish line and making sure everything was put in place correctly.


A surprise visit by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers added even more excitement on the day the sculpture was unveiled.


The end result: a bright and colorful display that both complements and enhances the overall look and feel of the Platteville Inclusive Playground.


Creating a donor-recognition display is never easy. But when it’s done right, it can highlight how the generosity of some sows the seeds for a community asset enjoyed by all.