From start to finish

Five benefits of working with a design + build firm

In the world of displays and exhibits, there are typically two kinds of companies. Those that design. And those that build.


There are only a select few that bring both of those disciplines under the same roof. But finding a design­ + build company can be a game-changer.


Successful exhibits require high-level skill and execution at various stages, from vision to design to construction. When one company can do it all, it creates efficiencies and expertise you simply can’t find elsewhere.


It’s like a cheat code for elevating your exhibit.


So what, exactly, makes design + build companies different? Why should this matter to you?


Let us count the ways …




Amazing things can happen when everyone is on the same page. When you have designers that understand fabrication, and fabricators who understand design, is creates synergy and leads to a more dynamic end result. Ideas and problem-solving resolutions can be done minutes rather than days, and the diversity of perspectives helps chart a smooth course for remaining phases of the project.



Value Engineering


Every project has a budget — and you want to get the most value for the resources you have available. That’s one area where design + build can deliver big results. When a company can tackle various parts of a project, it creates efficiencies that unlock significant value. The bottom line: you end up with a top-notch exhibit without blowing past your budget. It’s a win-win.


Tighter Deadlines


Working with multiple firms can muddy the waters and affect timelines. We all know what can happen when one company hands a project off to another. The transition between design and fabrication often leads to downtime, which ultimately impacts your deadline. When you partner with a multi-faceted firm, there’s no hand-off, just a seamless workflow that allows projects to keep pushing forward.


Reduced administrative burden


When multiple companies divvy up the various aspects of an exhibit, your often end up being the go-between. That means passing information from one partner (design firm) to another (a builder) and hoping nothing gets lost in translation. It can be a tiresome process. You avoid that kind of hall with a design + build company.




Let’s save the best one for last. The one that’s most important to us and most important to you. Working with a multifaceted company results in a higher level of quality. When companies employ people with knowledge in both design and fabrication, you end up with a broader base of knowledge and, ultimately, a better end-product.


At the end of the day, it’s about building something special — creating an experience that stands apart, attracts attention, and enriches the experience for all who see it.  Design + build firms like McCullough Creative help you create your vision and bring it to life.