The Jule and MC Collab

Confused by the bus? Let us explain… For those who don’t know, The Jule is the City of Dubuque’s transportation system. It’s comprised of a…

Confused by the bus? Let us explain...

For those who don't know, The Jule is the City of Dubuque's transportation system. It's comprised of a variety of buses that serve our community with cost-effective transportation and advertising.


After being awarded the contract to perform the actual wrapping of the buses with advertisements, the Jule Team came to us with another proposal: encourage more organizations to place advertisements on the buses.


The opportunity to show people the power of effective advertising?


We were all about it! But how would we make it happen?


"Your ad HERE!" seemed like a played out concept, and an ad for ourselves was too self-serving. We've always known that well-designed ads with compelling copy produce action. All we had to do was walk the thin line between intriguing and outrageous.


(P.S. It also helped that the bus was unveiled at the city Halloween parade—where passing out candy was recently banned. We figured if no one would get a treat during the parade, we could at least give them a trick.)


So are the ads for real companies/movements?




Have they gotten a response and proven our point?




Are you mad at us?


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