Muscatine County Conservation

Nature Center Exhibit

When the time came to update its space, Muscatine County Conservation chose us to bring the content to life in new and exciting ways. Starting by gaining a thorough understanding of the organization’s wants, needs, and challenges, we devised solutions to simultaneously engage and educate its audiences through a mixture of static and interactive displays.

Muscatine County Conservation Museum "An abundance of game" Gisplay
Muscatine County Conservation Museum Amphibians and Reptiles Wall Graphics

A key goal included in the update was educating visitors on the variety of local flora and fauna they can find around them. The display above to the right is an interactive experience that shows how much that variety has changed over recent decades, helping drive home the importance of conservation and taking care of our environment.

Further educating on the life that can be found in visitors’ own backyards, this display offers the chance to learn more about specific animals and hear their unique calls. When an animal is selected on the screen, a perfectly positioned light illuminates that animal as it makes its call.

Muscatine County Conservation Museum Photo-Op Frontside
Muscatine County Conservation Museum Photo-Op Area
Muscatine County Conservation Museum Photo-Op Backside
Muscatine County Conservation Museum Salamander
Muscatine County Conservation Museum Salamander Head Close Up

As the first space upon immediately entering the museum’s doors, this area tucked off to the side was often overlooked by visitors. To ensure they would experience the content, this larger-than-life salamander catches visitors’ attention with animatronic, motion-sensitive eyes. Once visitors are drawn into the space, they can rotate sections of the logs to see replicas of the different amphibians that populate the region and to learn more about each species.

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