Revvin’ Up

Sean Duggan recently joined the team as a fabrication specialist. When he’s off the clock, his passion for classic cars takes center stage.

This marks the latest in a series of blog posts highlighting new hires and recent promotions at McCullough Creative.


NEW HIRE: Sean Duggan


Sean Duggan started at McCullough Creative in December. When he’s on the job, Duggan is part of a tight-knit crew that dishes out barbs and creates displays from scratch. When he’s off the clock, he applies his passion for classic cars in a variety of ways, whether it’s taking in cheesy ‘80s films or putting together new content for his very own YouTube channel.


Sean Duggan takes a rest


Jeff: Hey, Sean. Thanks for taking the time to chat. Can you start by telling us what you do here at McCullough Creative?


Sean: I am a fabrication specialist. So far, my job has involved a lot of cutting on the CNC router and a lot of sanding. I also went on a couple installs as well. It has been a pretty good experience, and I am learning some pretty cool stuff.


For those unfamiliar with fabrication, can you explain in layman’s terms what it’s all about?


We are constructing things from scratch, regardless of what they may be. My primary experience before coming here was in millworking. But here we do a lot of work with wood. Nothing is off the table here.


Tell us about the path that led you here. What is your background personally and professionally?


I have lived in Dubuque my whole life. I graduated from Senior High School in 2012. After that, I went to Iowa State for a couple years, but I eventually decided that wasn’t really for me. I came home and worked as a carpenter for about three years. In 2019, I went back to school and studied engineering technology. I graduated last May.


Engine pic


How do you spend your time when you’re away from the office? Any hobbies or interests that you are passionate about?


I work on cars a lot in my free time. My dad is the one who got me really into it. He’s had a Mustang since the mid-80s. I grew up around it and could tell he was pretty into it. And I sort of followed him on a lot of the stuff that he worked on. Through the work I have done on cars, I learned a lot about general manufacturing and things like that.


Any interesting car-related projects you are tackling at the moment?


Right now, I am working on a ‘78 Mustang . I am restoring that and fabricating some stuff for it. I also do YouTube videos on the side. My channel is called Duggan Racecraft. I started posting videos about a year ago.


What inspired you to start that?


My girlfriend’s uncle gifted me a car – an old Mustang – that had been sitting in a barn for the last 30 years. I started doing videos about restoring that and getting it running again. And I’ve had my Mustang – the ’78 – for 11 years and I have been working on that, too. The videos are just basic auto-restoration stuff and some fabrication. There’s been a great response to it. Sometimes you get a lot of negativity on YouTube, but that hasn’t been my experience.



I noticed your hat (points to Chicago White Sox cap). Do you wear that every day?


Yeah, I do. I am a big Chicago sports fan. I follow the White Sox really closely.


You work with a group of employees in the McCullough Creative fabrication building, a new facility that opened last summer. What is the dynamic like between that group?


Lots of conversation. There’s witty banter – a lot of teasing – but also a lot of fun. It’s taken some getting used to – I worked on my own the past couple years before this. But it has been great. I haven’t worked with a group I get along with so well before.


Any interesting books, movies, or TV shows that have really caught your attention lately?


I have been into ’80s movies recently – I love how cheesy they are. I am really into Days of Thunder lately – the racing movie with Tom Cruise. It is an ‘80s action movie, and those tend to be pretty funny.