Champion This Year

This was a hoot. We decided to celebrate a random holiday each month by making a video in its honor. The result was a lot of laughs, the chance to get in front of clients in a fun way each month, and what has turned into a lot of requests to make more videos. Buckle up!


Blast from the past! To kick things off we took this baby up to 88 mph. Unsure what we mean? Make like a tree and watch the video, McFly!


What the heck is Argyle Day, you ask? We’re not totally sure, but we had a good time participating. At least most of us did.


McCullough is hiring legal aliens! Who knew crop circles were actually extraterrestrial résumés? But before you hire, watch the video so you know what to expect.


Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! This month we opened it up to the fans, and from Extreme High-Five Day to Take Someone Else’s Kid to Work Day, we got some wild responses. And our favorite was Soap Opera Day. Watch the drama unfold!


Straight-to-VHS release. There is plenty of television programming that sucks, so why wasn’t this sitcom ever made? Well, watch our video—you’ll see why.


If you think boxelder bugs are bad, wait until you see what infests our building once a year. It’s one shell of a problem, but we make it work.


There’s more than one way to cook eggs, and we found an extreme new way to crack ’em.


We’re all about growing talent at McCullough Creative. But is there a point where we need to draw the line?


If handedness were a competition, this lefty would take the cake. He’d probably drop it immediately after, but hey, that’s not his fault.


In this crazy, fast-paced world every second counts. So quit your procrastinating and carpe diem!


Keep your ears on and your eyes peeled for this video. There’s no double nickel on the big road, so put the hammer down and we’ll catch you on the flip.


WE DID IT! Breaking a world record requires inspiration, patience, and creativity. Trust us, there was plenty of creativity!


THE GRAND FINALE! Our Secret Santa gift exchange erupts with madness as a year’s worth of goofy holidays culminate in our epic final video.

You’re Busy. We’re Ready. Bring it on.

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