Our Cardboard Submarine…Sandwich

And the intern mastermind who built it!

The summer ramped up with a lot of display and exhibit projects, so we added an intern to our production team. Meet Kayla Winandy! She’s a student at Clarke University who’s super involved in the theater department, especially when it comes to building sets. Pretty much the perfect addition for pitching in around here.


After getting exposure to nearly any task imaginable, Kayla got a hearty helping of hands-on experience for this curve-ball project. After winning “Most Creative” last year in Four Mound’s Great Cardboard Boat Race to benefit the organization's H.E.A.R.T. program, we knew we had to do something wild again, and Kayla's ingenuity did not disappoint! Read her take on the project below...

“I did not expect this at all.”

“Roger designed the sub, but gave me a lot of creative liberties for the final look and structure.”


“The main goal was that it didn’t sink.“



“I searched a lot of stock images of sandwiches and tomatoes, then used Illustrator to trace the lines I’d need. From there I sent them to the CNC router to cut out the pieces. It was cool using the paint booth, too, to paint it all.”


“It took over 20 rolls of tape.”



“I really enjoyed the team effort aspect of working here and the positive environment. The people really make it.”



And here's the sub in action, with Brandawg taking it out for the maiden voyage. Contrary to being a submarine, we had a really hard time getting it to sink! It was too buoyant and pretty much popped our captain right out. We tried throwing a couple more people in for round two, but...



“We didn‘t get far, but it was still fun taking it out for the second race. And of course getting awarded ‘Most Creative‘ feels pretty great!”


Best of luck to Kayla, in her junior year! We know she’ll kill it.